Production-quality infrastructure for your application

Just like a good house is built atop a solid foundation, a good software application is built atop solid infrastructure.

Often a company will try to save a few cents, and host a new app on a development-quality "toy" server. Especially in small companies and startups, there may be no one on staff who is an expert in infrastructure and devops. So one of the developers will throw together a server, manually configured, with no redundancy and not so much as a shred of documentation. That server works "okay" during development - it's a little awkward to work with, but it gets the job done.

Problems start when the application goes live and starts getting user load. Suddenly that "toy" server isn't adequate to handle the load, and isn't reliable enough to satisfy your users' expectations. Soon your team realizes that maintaining a "toy" server in a production environment is no fun at all. And scaling is a nightmare.

The smart company deploys their application on production-quality infrastructure right from the start. Sure, it might cost a few bucks more in the beginning, but it's a great investment. When it comes time to scale - you just tell the system to scale itself. No problem. Your users are happy with a reliable application, and your engineers are happy with easy workflows and great tools.

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