Advanced visibility into your infrastructure

Visibility means being able to see inside your running production servers. Good visibility lets you become aware of problems before your users even notice them, and makes it easy to find the information you need.

The Old Way

What's the load on our servers? We have no idea! Log in to each server and run some commands to find out.

Got a problem, need to look at the log files? Log in to each server and hunt through each individual log, hoping you find the right one.

The Modern Way

What's the load on our servers? Just glance at our CloudWatch and Datadog dashboards. Whether you want a high level view, or excruciating detail, it's there at your fingertips.

Need to look through the logs? Open Papertrail and search all your logs at once, in real time. Easily configure query-based alerts - get notified by email, SMS, or Slack.