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Build your cloud

Infrastructure is your silent partner. Your application can scale to handle any level of traffic. The app stays up even when a server goes dow. Your customers are happy. Deployments are easy and safe. Modern tools automate repetitive tasks. Your developers are happy.

Cloud infrastructure is easy when you have a light load on the app and only a handful of developers. Just spin up a server, deploy your software by hand, and you're ready to go!

But that kind of toy infrastructure doesn't scale. More user traffic taxes the server's resources, leading to poor performance, and you discover it's far from trivial to scale up this "simple" infrastructure. Servers fail and must be manually restored, leading to downtime. A larger dev team and growing complexity in your software make deployments laborious and prone to errors.

Or you could avoid that hassle and run your application on a prodution grade cloud. Recent advances in the state of the art have made high quality infrastructure, once affordable only for the largest enterprises, now accessible to smaller companies and even startups.

When you partner with Silicon Beach Heavy Industries you get cloud infrastructure that meets your needs today - and is ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow! We use an intelligent mix of open source tools and proprietary services to build the buest cloud available today.

Migrate your application

Is your app already running live? Infrastruture not scalable? Not high availability? No problem! We have the experience and expertise needed to migrate your application to production grade cloud infrastructure. All while minimizing disruption to your business.

Production grade infrastructure

Every application is different. We develop customized solutions to match your unique business requirements. You will enjoy advanced production quality features like:

  • High Availability - Your application stays up for your customers even if a server goes down.

  • Scalability - You can scale capacity up and down to match traffic without breaking a sweat.

  • Security - Keep the bad guys out and protect your customers' valuable data.

  • Monitoring - You always know what's going on with your servers.

  • Automatic Testing - Run your tests - you do have tests, right? - every time a developer makes a commit.

  • Easy, Safe Deployments - Developers can deploy your entire app with a single command. Rollbacks are just as easy.

Let's Build!

Flat rate pricing

You want top quality infrastructure - and you want certainty on price. If your application is based on the most popular open source frameworks and databases, and has automated tests with good coverage, we may be able to offer a flat rate price to build your cloud.


  • Django
  • Rails
  • Flask
  • Sinatra


  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
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Partner With A Winning Team

Whether you need to migrate a legacy application, or are building something from the ground up. From startups to established enterprises. Work with an experienced team on your side. We work hand-in-hand with your team to build the production grade infrastructure your business needs to suceed.

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