Silicon Heavy - We do the heavy lifting for you.

Cloud Infrastructure for Small and Medium Companies

You want to host your application in the AWS cloud. Right?

You want reliable, self-healing infrastructure. Right?

You want a simple workflow for safely deploying your application. Right?

You want flexibility to add new services without breaking a sweat. Right?

You want easy visibility into all your logs. Right?

You want to be able to scale up when your business needs it. Right?


Won’t this be expensive?

Won’t this be complicated and hard to maintain?

What if we don’t have the expertise on-staff?


At Silicon Heavy, we do the heavy lifting for you.

We use expert knowledge and cutting-edge Open Source tools like Docker and Convox to make your life easy. New technology allows us to build out AWS infrastructure with enterprise-grade reliability, security, and scalability - at a price small and medium companies can afford. A simple developer workflow and easy system maintenance are the icing on the cake.

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